VP of Video - Fran Mirabella III

Post-Production Manager - Patrick Coughlin

Sr Manager of Video Production - Dave Toole 

Director of Product Design - Nicholas Macias

Live Producer - Alexander Solomita

Concept, Direction, Design, & Animation - Timothy Palmer

With millions of loyal viewers & visitors- you can expect IGN, the largest gaming presence on the internet, to go go big at The Annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. Which is why it was no small feat to concept, direct, design, and animate all of the flagship visuals for their sweeping cross-platform coverage of E3. Conceptually, they wanted to go beyond the tried & tired, while not ignoring hot button topics, with an idea that would be grounded in the live broadcast but transcend into their various platforms. So, after a week of cold sweats, sheer panic, and furiously failures- I arrived at an idea that they loved so much we used it in 2016 and again, with a new coat of paint, in 2017. Equal parts Simulation Theory and Samsara told through the employ of a massive drone army- we are taken through our drones cyclical reincarnation as they build and rebuild their maker. This continuous state of rebirth is showcased in the flagship looping hero animation located at the main stage and used throughout the live broadcast while all broadcast interstitials, secondary screens, and social key-art featured loops of our working drones in constant scout mode- searching to rebuild. 


Feature 1

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